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Ghost Trend Automated Trading

We took the basic Ghost Trade Signals and augmented them for automation. The Ghost Trend Automated trading system uses a black box trade management . You don't have to be James Simons or have the financial resources of a big hedge fund to harness the power of automation.  Always monitor your positions with this grey box system.

Contact for subscription information.  Ghosttrendbars(at)

--------------------------SOFTWARE DELIVERY EMAIL--------------------------------

Attached please find the Ghost Bars, Signals, Market Analyzer and Automation package. If you need help importing the file into Ninjatrader please let us know. Two chart templates will populate in your chart options. One has signals and a trail stop and one does not, to allow flexibility for your personal discretionary trading style. The Market Analyzer template option can be adjusted also, however, make sure to choose the “signal” option when choosing what to plot in the Market Scanner. With regard to the automation package. We anticipate that traders will optimize and as such we will make one complimentary adjustment to the default settings for your convenience. Any other default settings adjustment requests will carry a nominal fee of $10. THIS IS A TREND FOLLOWING SYSTEM BEWARE TRADE SIGNALS IN A SIDEWAYS MARKET!

To install you will import the zip file within the NINJATRADER 7 platform from FILE -> UTILITIES -> IMPORT NINJA SCRIPT. Then place the template files in the NINJATRADER 7 folder in your windows MY DOCUMENTS folder. Place the attached template files in TEMPLATES subfolder, either CHART or MARKET ANALYZER depending on the file's label. The indicators and the strategy have descriptions of each settings in the LABEL window when loading onto a chart or starting a strategy, and also from the backtest window, optimize, or walk forward window.

There are very few settings for the indicators/signals, and approximately 10 options in the automated system. We are trading with the default settings and adjusting bar structure and hard dollar stop, hard dollar target and trail, depending on the type of instrument and the general volatility of the instrument in current market conditions. We use the strategy in a number of different time frames on the S&P including 60 minute bars with a large stop and a 2:1 risk reward ratio, and we do not have trades firing every day. In addition to Futures, we trade a basket of equities with daily bars.

The system can certainly be used on any bar type and size, range bars and renko bars are good for pin pointing trends, and that might work for your particular trading style. Basic back tests, then watching the market data populate and the system trade in market reply or live in your sim account, is the best way to get comfortable with the system.

Two tips, tight stops are often self-defeating, and sometimes when you think you should manually close a position, the market surprises you in a good way… We strongly believe that once you decide to bring your preferred settings live, they should not be changed without a thorough reevaluation of the reason you chose the settings in the first place. Lastly we really would appreciate and value your feedback.

Thank you

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